aches and pains

It’s the end of day two at Dodgertown Fantasy camp and the line into the trainers room stretches down the hall and into the lockerroom. This is where 85 to 90 percent of the 117 campers will be spending at least an hour a day getting a rub down or packing ice on their weary, battered bodies to make it to another day of doubleheaders.
It’s the busiest room in Dodgertown besides the bar.
“Pulled hamstrings and groins, sore shoulders and elbows mainly,” says Peter Hite, one of three fulltime trainers standing by in this MASH unit.
He’s telling me this while putting four big bags of ice on and under both my legs after I pulled my quads and hamstrings trying to pretend I was still 23 instead of 63 running down to first base to beat out a blooper up the middle. I’ve got a lot of company.
We swept a doubleheader to go 2-1 so far. Not that I helped the team much. I got one ball at second base and stopped it with my shin. Hey, tomorrow’s another day.
I’m in good company.

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