dog days begin

Day four at Dodgertown and the dog days are here. The place is beginning to resemble a MASH unit. The walking wounded are everywhere. Pulled hamstings and quads, groin injuries, sore shoulders and elbows. Guys who havent played back to back doubleheaders since Little League – or ever – are starting to pay for it.
There’s more action going on in the trainers room than the bar, which ain’t right when you’re paying $4,500 for a fantasy.
“By this time in camp, we’re seeing 85 to 90 percent of the guys in here every morning and night,” laughs trainer Peter Hite. “Hammies and quads. At the end of the day the line is huge.”
Fantasy camp is turning into pain camp for a lot of the older guys, but nobody’s complaining. They’re still having too much fun playing ball and hanging out with the old Dodgers.
At mandatory stretching this morning, Hite yelled for everyone to reach down and touch their toes. Yeah, right.
You could hear the laughs all the way over to Holman Stadium.

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