Like the first day of school … except without all the girls

Just reported for duty for the first time this spring, beginning this 7 1/2-month odyssey. Right now, the media room is full, mostly with out-of-town guys in for the Torre conference, but everyone right now is watching the Congressional hearings on television, which already seems to be going against Roger judging solely by the opening statements. Clubhouse is open, and I’m heading in there in a few. Saw a left-hander throwing in the Holman Stadium bullpen as I walked in, not sure who it was, but it could have been Greg Miller. It’s already hot and humid down here, but it beats sitting in my apartment calling sources on the phone, which is what this job has consisted of for the past 4 1/2 months. I’ll update later today if Joe says anything noteworthy, or if there is any news, or if there is anything I feel might interest you. Oh, and thanks to all of you for all the great comments I have received from you, both on this blog and via email, before I even got here. It amounted to a collective pep talk of sorts, and I’m now fired up and ready to go.

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