Torre’s press conference

It lasted an hour, and there was nothing major revealed that we didn’t already know other than a couple of minor details. He did say the Dodgers were the only club that talked to him about becoming their manager last fall in the wake of his decision not to accept the Yankees’ offer, and he also said Don Mattingly informed him as far back as Dec. 5 that he probably would step aside as hitting coach. Most of the conversation centered around Roger Clemens and the ongoing steroid issue, with a couple of NY reporters raising the issue of whether the fact so many of the players who played for Torre with the Yankees (Clemens, Andy Pettitte, Chuck Knoblauch, Jason Giambi) have had their reputations as least somewhat tainted by allegations of steroid use will in any way affect Joe’s legacy as the Yankees manager. He basically said that is for others to decide, and while that SOUNDS like a tapdance, it’s also basically true. At 67, and after four World Series titles and six pennants, I doubt Joe worries too much about what anybody thinks of him. … Lunch time.

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