First workout awaits

The Asian media is out in full force in anticipation of Kuroda-san’s first side session, which I assume is going to happen today. Half the Dodgers pitchers will throw, with the rest throwing tomorrow. I have been doing this so many years now that I almost know the routine by heart, and even with a new manager and coaching staff, it never changes much. It’s a beautiful day for the first workout, not nearly as chilly as yesterday. All things considered, though, I’d really rather be in Glendale, Ariz., a thought that kind of hit me as I was driving in this morning. For one thing, if I was, it would be 5:47 a.m. right now and I would still be sleeping. But this should be a really special spring in Vero, for as long as it lasts anyway. I’m going to do my best to soak up everything about it and maybe even take a few photos. I feel safe in saying there will never be another spring-training facility like this one. I hope Baltimore fans — who will actually be able to fly here in a couple of hours, unlike Dodgers fans — will appreciate its charms rather than cursing its lack of modern amenities.

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