First workout: you had to look quickly or you would have missed it

Torre said he wanted to get a lot done in a short amount of time, without a lot of standing around, and the Dodgers did. They were out and back in less than two hours. Kuroda’s first side session was like a red-carpet event, but other than that, the whole scene was all pretty businesslike. Torre wore the full Dodgers uniform for the first time, but downplayed the significance of the moment when someone pointed it out. At one point, a fan near the ropes handed Joe his 1966 Topps baseball card, which wasn’t exactly in mint condition. When the fan said something about Joe being glad to get it, Joe said, “Yeah, just to take it out of circulation.” I didn’t actually witness that conversation, that was just Joe’s recounting of it. The lowlight was at the end of the workout, when an autograph-seeking fan approached a female Dodgers employee and asked, “Would you sign my heart?” That one ranks right up there with “I lost my number, can I have yours?” But hey, at least the poor guy stepped into the box and took a swing.

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