Starting with a clean slate

Joe Torre said today that while he has talked to both veterans and young players about last year’s well-chronicled clubhouse rift between the two groups, the fact it didn’t happen on his watch means he is proceeding for now as if it didn’t happen — unless, of course, it happens again.
“I have had people tell me about it,” Torre said. “But the people I inquired with seem to think it was no big deal. You spend more time with each other than you do with your family. If you’re invited into somebody’s living room or kitchen or what have you, and you hear all the conversation that goes on, it’s probably not all going to be (pleasant). The media is such a major part of what we do anymore, probably more in the past six, seven, eight years than prior to that, and I think it’s important we understand that and not try to go hide anywhere, but deal with it and move on.
“If something happens now, I’ll deal with it. But to start looking into what happened last year, I don’t think that’s fair to anybody involved.”

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