Kent sheds no light

Asked him the same question we asked him at the Caravan, that of whether he plans to retire after this season. Got basically the same answer. “That will come out at another time and another place,” he said. … By the way, Joe Torre DID ask Joe Beimel to cut his hair, which Beimel did, although it’s still long in comparison with today’s style. “He said it didn’t have to be a crew cut,” Beimel said. As for troyfromwestvirginia, who took the time to post a comment on this blog after I posted a link to his Beimel tribute videos on youtube, Joe said he is aware that Troy is on the way to Vero Beach in a few days. “I might give him a wave or something, but I don’t think I’ll be going to dinner with him. … Jason Repko is leaving camp tonight to fly home to Richland, Wash., where his wife, Traci, is scheduled for induced labor tomorrow. This is the couple’s first child, a boy, and they plan to name him Tyler Jason Repko. Best of luck to all. As many of us already know, and as Jason and Traci will soon find out, becoming a parent is the single greatest experience life has to offer.

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