Torre on 3B battle

During his morning media session, Joe was asked about Nomar, and all his answers seemed to be pointing to Nomar coming off the bench. He talked about how veteran players tend to adjust to it better than younger players and mentioned Nomar’s ability to hit in the clutch (he batted .370 w/RISP over the past two seasons), etc. So I asked him that if all things are equal, meaning both Nomar and Andy LaRoche have good springs, would he lean toward LaRoche as the regular 3B? In other words, is it Andy’s job to lose? But Joe wouldn’t bite. “Nomar’s experience will certainly play into this thing,” he said. “I definitely wouldn’t say it’s (LaRoche’s) job to lose. Nomar, with his experience, we’ll look at how he can best help the club and go from there.”

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