Lowe endorses Penny

Derek Lowe, the only candidate other than Brad Penny to be the Dodgers’ opening-day starter, said today that Penny should get the ball on March 31 against the Giants.
“We’re 0-3 when I pitch on opening day, which isn’t real good,” Lowe said. “They haven’t said anything, but if I were a guessing man, I would say Brad will do it. He is well deserving. He has been our best pitcher the past two years, and he has made the All-Star team the past two yers. He has earned it.”
Lowe spoke just after pitching two hitless innings in a simulated game, facing eight hitters and throwing 33 pitches (23 strikes).
Even after hearing about Lowe’s comments, Joe Torre still wouldn’t say Penny is the guy. But it’s clear he is leaning that way.
“I think that could work,” Torre said. “(Penny) is lined up to pitch on opening day, but we haven’t decided that yet. We want to get into the spring a little bit and make sure they are getting what they need and that they are feeling good.”

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