Bowa agrees to wear helmet … reluctantly

But only after the Dodgers front office got a call from the commish’s office, threatening to immediately eject any base coach who walks onto the field without a helmet will be immediately ejected. Funny thing is, Mariano Duncan didn’t wear ANYTHING yesterday, not even the hard insert that Bowa wore, but the umpires didn’t say anything to him. Anyway, Kim Ng called Joe Torre last night and told him about the call from MLB, and Joe talked to Bowa this morning. Bowa agreed to wear the helmet. But in talking to the writers during batting practice, he also reiterated his threat of yesterday to walk onto the field in full catcher’s gear, just to make a point. Anyway, today’s game here at happy land is about to start, and it’s on ESPN if you want to check it out. It’s the debut of Hiroki Kuroda, so there is some intrigue. Oh, and they just officially christened the place Champons Stadium. It used to be called Cracker Jack Stadium or something like that.

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