Nice catch, Dave

David Yerena, who doubles as a producer for Dodgers on Demand and a security guard at Dodger Stadium, just made a spectacular catch of a foul ball off the bat of Mets catcher Ramon Castro, who is DH’ing today (yes, the DH is being used in a game between two NL clubs). Dave caught it on the fly with his bare hands while sitting in one of the broadcast booths high above home plate. … Delwyn Young, who is playing 2B, made two lunging plays to his left in the first inning, then made a spectacular play behind the bag in the third, getting the runner at first each time. He is expected to see some 3B action soon, too. But even if he is able to play five different positions, the Dodgers still will need a backup shortstop (my guess is Hu), and it’s hard to figure out right now how they’re going to fit that extra person in. At any rate, DY is already having a great spring with the glove. What I can’t figure out is how this guy has stayed under the radar for so many years while coming up through the minors. He can really play. … Scoreless game, bottom 3. Penny went two innings, allowing a hit and a walk.

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