Media guide has arrived

Finally got my copy this morning, which allows me to throw away my 2007 media guide, my 2007 postseason media guide (yes, every team has to print one whether they go to the postseason or not) and the slapped-together player bios we were given when we got down here (every non-roster player had Derek Lowe’s photo on his bio — they were just dummied in until the PR staff could get the photos of the actual players). Anyway, this year’s cover is fairly basic, which is a tendency of the Dodgers, and I happen to like that. It isn’t loud and it doesn’t offend the senses. It has a home-plate shaped collage of photos from the club’s first 50 years in Los Angeles, with the one across the top of Jackie Robinson and Sandy Koufax flanking Roy Campanella in his wheel chair at a game many, many years ago at Dodger Stadium. There are also photos of Don Drysdale having just thrown a pitch, Fernando in mid-windup, Hideo Nomo in mid-windup, Kirk Gibson thrusting his right arm skyward as he nears first base after hitting that famous home run in the ’88 Series and, of course, a smiling Tommy Lasorda. And then, for some reason, there is a photo of Chan Ho Park in mid-windup. Funny that he’s on the cover, but to find his bio, you have to go to the non-roster section.

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