Nothing new on Kent

However, Joe did talk this morning about possible alternatives at 2B if he were to lose Jeff Kent for an extended period — something that doesn’t LOOK like it will happen with this injury, but the guy is turning 40 tomorrow so you never know. Anyway, Joe seemed to indicate that Tony Abreu would be first in line to replace Kent if it came to that. Delwyn Young has been getting a lot of playing time there, but Abreu has been battling an abdominal injury and hasn’t appeared in game yet — he is expected to make his Grapefruit League debut this weekend. Joe also said Ramon Martinez wouldn’t be a candidate, calling him “more of a supporting guy.” But Joe didn’t rule out asking Nomar to play 2B, even though it hasn’t come up yet. “I never rule anything out,” Torre said. … The not-so-scenic byways of central Florida were as unscenic as ever this morning, but the drive was nice and relaxing. Only got stuck behind a truck a couple of times — and actually got stuck between the Dodgers’ two buses on one stretch of Highway 70. But I still made it in about three hours.

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