A whole lot of you + a little bit of me = one incredible blog

By all indications, this blog was a pretty big hit with you, the readers, last year. My editors always told me not to be discouraged by the fact that it wasn’t receiving that many posted comments, because the real proof was in the pudding of the number of hits it was getting, which was good. But this year, you guys have taken this thing to a whole new level. And while number of hits has (I have been told) doubled over last spring, the thing I am most excited about is the number of comments that are being posted. That Pierre thread the other day got 24 responses THAT DAY, which if I remember correctly is an all-time high for this blog. The other thing I find really encouraging is that a lot of these posts are receiving comments within minutes of me them posting them. Anyway, my point is, you guys and your comments are what are making this blog great. I try to respond to your comments when I can, but it’s much more interesting when you guys talk among yourselves and argue among yourselves. I’ll throw my thoughts out there, with a little hard news thrown in when there IS hard news, but your responses are what matter most — even when Paully Pocket is calling me a “tool.” And I got a HUGE kick out of the fact that someone is now posting under the name “seriously tony.”

Keep posting. Post early. Post often. And thank you.

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