Saito still not ready, Abreu to play today

Takashi Saito tried to throw off a mound, but still felt something very, very tiny in his right calf. “The good part is, he can throw of flat ground (and feel nothing),” Joe Torre said. “My advice was … he has to be totally free of any discomfort. We just need to make sure we protect him.” Torre said relievers typically need 9 or 10 innings to be ready for the start of the season. But closers sometimes need less than that. Eric Gagne never needed more than eight. So I’m guessing Saito will be fine, although the clock is ticking. Even if he isn’t, Jonathan Broxton has closer stuff, so he could fill the gap if Saito isn’t ready at the start. … Tony Abreu makes his spring debut today after battling abdominal discomfort most of the spring. Joe said he’ll play at least two of the next four games, possibly three of them. … Thanks to Chad for saying hello out on the back fields today, and for tell me he loves this blog. I encouraged him to post his thoughts. I encourage ALL OF YOU to post your thoughts. As I stated earlier today, that is what is going to make this a great blog.

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