Tommy’s first pep talk

A source just came out of the clubhouse and said Tommy just gave one of his Patton-esque pregame speeches to the team about what it takes to win. Thankfully, I’m told it WASN’T in response to yesterday’s loss, although Tommy has made it very clear in his media sessions thus far that it’s important to actually win these monotonous, interminable Grapefruit League games.
“I stress it a great deal, because they better start preparing themselves to win,” Lasorda said. “They have to start getting that winning attitude now.”
He said that yesterday, before the loss. That winning attitude had better start soon, because this team is a game below .500 (6-7-1) for the spring. Or is that TWO games below .500, because there are two more games that weren’t wins than games that were wins? I have never figured out how ties play into that equation.
In fairness to Tommy, though, Joe Torre also said a few days ago that it’s important to win, especially when you have as many young players as the Dodgers have, because it’s a confidence builder. … Gotta run. Almost time for Tommy’s pregame presser.

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