The “B” team

There is a video clip floating around the internet from the Wednesday episode of Pardon the Interruption in which Michael Wilbon seems to indicate that famed Baltimore Orioles manager Earl Weaver, who is still very much alive, is dead. But what led into the conversation was the topic of Tommy managing the Dodgers again, and no one seemed to notice that Tony Kornheiser made a similar gaffe early on in the discussion in which he said Lasorda was managing the Dodgers’ “B team.” I guess that would imply that the team Torre took the China, a team that includes Matt Kemp, Andruw Jones and few others with any chance of being on the opening-day roster, is the “A team.” … Not a lot going on so far today. But Dodgertown as we know it is down to its final five days. Cardinals in town today for what probably will be the last spring-training game ever played between what have historically been the National League’s two most successful franchises.

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