The real last day

Stopped off at Dodgertown before leaving town this morning — no, I wasn’t being extra sentimental, I just thought I could knock out a couple of things in the clubhouse before hitting the road, but I wasn’t able to — and there were suitcases everywhere. That is usually a sign that opening day is just around the corner, but this year, it’s just a sign that we’re all heading for the desert for a week, so it wasn’t all that exciting. … It’s overcast at Roger Dean Stadium, and although there is no rain in the forecast, I’m sure no one in the Dodgers’ traveling party would mind at all if this game becomes a casualty of Mother Nature. Or at least they wouldn’t have minded if those players who aren’t playing in today’s game weren’t leaving Dodgertown on a later bus that isn’t expected to leave until early afternoon. That would screw up any benefits of a rainout. The team is leaving this evening from West Palm Beach, which is just south of here. … Jason Johnson was reassigned to minor-league camp this morning, leaving 44 players in camp. … A colleague from the Bay Area, who is covering the Cactus League, emailed me this morning to say that Joe Torre and Bob Eucker were spotted dining last night at Don & Charlie’s in Scottsdale, and apparently George Will was in there eating, too.

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