No Dodgers merchandise available anywhere in the stadium

That’s a sign that is posted all over Phoenix Muni. And really, why would they stock the place with Dodgers gear for a whopping two games, the last of which is this afternoon against the Halos. I’m assuming this game counts as the home half of this year’s Freeway Series, which will include a single game at Angel Stadium next Thursday night. … Just talked to Kent. He asked Ken Gurnick — who covers the Dodgers for and is a horse racing enthusiast who has actually owned race horses — what they do to a horse that has a hamstring injury. I thought he was asking rhetorically, like he already knew the answer, but he wasn’t. “They shoot them,” Gurnick said, and Kent just started laughing incredulously. Anyway, he says he is still shooting for being in the opening day lineup. As for any concern that he doesn’t have enough time to get enough game action, he pointed out that he only played in one or two games in the spring of 2002, then played on opening day. Asked what the result of that was, he says, “the 2002 World Series.” Asked what the more immediate result was, as in how he had played coming out of the gate, he said, correctly, “it doesn’t matter … but I think I did hit a home run in one of my first at-bats.” … Couldn’t resist calling Josh Rawitch, an Indiana grad, last night to gloat about Arkansas’ victory. Normally, I pay NO attention to the Razorbacks whatsoever. I’m only interested if they beat some school that some friend of mine went to, so I can gloat. It’s kind of a no-lose situation for me. If IU had won and Josh had called ME to gloat, it wouldn’t have made much of an impact because I DON’T CARE. Besides, the Woo Pig Sooie Nation is going to get crushed by the Tar Heels tomorrow anyway.

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