Thank goodness for tinted windows

The visiting clubhouse here at Marvale Baseball Park is, shall we say, a bit spartan … and a bit small. When the three buses carrying the roughly 42 Dodgers players plus coaches, support staff and broadcast personnel, pulled up to the ballpark this morning, with most already dressed in their getaway garb of dress pants, dress shirts and dress shoes, most players walked into the clubhouse and walked right back out again. Many of them actually got back on the bus and changed into their uniforms there, with a large gaggle of autograph seekers waiting behind an iron fence just outside. This is an unfortunate reality of spring training, where you can’t always count on the most plush of accommodations when going on the road. These are, in reality, minor-league parks, with most of them hosting minor-league teams during the summer months. But the Dodgers might want to put in a request to the league office to NOT play the Brewers in Maryvale on getaway day EVER AGAIN.

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