Dodgers 2, Angels 2

The Dodgers played the Angels and DIDN’T LOSE!!!!!!! Andre Ethier, playing RF, impersonated Dave Parker in the 1979 All-Star Game (look THAT ONE up) and threw out two runners on the basepaths, including his Vlad-ness trying to stretch a single in the sixth inning and Brandon Wood trying to score on a would-be sac fly in the eighth. Blake DeWitt took another step toward being the opening-day 3B by making a game-saving stop of a ball hit by Maicer Izturis in the eighth that would have gone up the LF line, turning it instead into a harmless infield single. DeWitt then worked a six-pitch walk with two outs in the ninth to load the bases, only to have Juan Pierre fly out two pitches later, leaving the bases loaded and leaving Pierre’s average for the spring at a ro(bust) .179.
After the game, Joe Torre still wouldn’t shed any light on the OF situation.
“I’ll let you know when I know,” he said.
In other words, he’ll let us know when he figures out how to break the news to JP. That’s why Joe gets paid what he gets paid. As for why JP gets paid what he gets paid, well, that isn’t entirely clear.
Dodgers go to 9-17-4 for the spring. As Ned Colletti pointed out in Joe’s office, they become the first team in the history of baseball to play to a tie in Florida, Arizona, China and California, all in the same spring. Woo-hooooooo!!!!