Dodgers 8, Red Sox 0

Kuroda/Kershaw flirted with a no-hitter before Clayton ultimately gave up a one-out single to Bobby Kielty in the eighth, but Kuroda, Kershaw and Falkenborg ultimately combined one a one-hitter, and the Dodgers finished the spring 11-18-4. … It LOOKS LIKE Angel Chavez has made the team. He is a non-roster infielder about whom I don’t believe I have written a single word this spring. He is 26, from Panam and spend his entire career in the Giants chain until the past two years, when he logged time with the Phillies, Orioles and Yankees affiliates. He has 10 major-league games, all in 2005 with the Giants. … Jason Repko was optioned to Las Vegas after the game, so the Dodgers now have a 24-man roster plus Chavez and DeWitt, and the final move won’t be made until Ned is sure he isn’t making a trade. Tony Abreu will be DL’d, and I’m guessing Jason Schmidt will be placed on the 60-day DL, which will clear a second 40-man spot (Rudy Seanez’s release on Wed. cleared the first one), so the club can purchase the contracts of both Chavez and DeWitt. … Interesting subplot of tomorrow’s pitching matchup: both Barry Zito and Brad Penny are ex-boyfriends of Alyssa Milano. Wonder for whom she’ll be rooting. I guess whichever breakup was the least messy.

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