Braves 6, Dodgers 1

On the flight down here from LAX on Thursday, I tried to watch a movie called Walk Hard: the Dewey Cox Story. Before falling asleep about halfway through, I caught an exchange between John C. Reilly’s Dewey Cox charater and the character’s wife, which I seem to recall was in the movie’s trailer, in which the wife said, “It’s not that I don’t believe in you Dewey. I just know you’re going to fail.” Right now, that pretty much sums up the feeling you get whenever a Dodgers player — any Dodgers player — steps into the batter’s box with a runner in scoring position. The boys went 1 for 22 w/RISP in this three-game whitewash at the hands of the once-mighty Braves, scoring a run in each game. ONE FOR TWENTY-TWO. It was 0 for 10 today, with four strikeouts. There was the usual mantra in the clubhouse about it being early, about it being a long season. But right now, this team is a long, long way from being good. … Dodgers fall to 7-11, and for the record, they were NEVER four games under .500 at any point last season. They also fell into the division basement. Hey, only 144 games to go.

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