Dodgers 8, Diamondbacks 3 … a possible awakening

Not by me, mind you. I’m on my last legs, what with it now being almost 2:30 a.m. Eastern time, which is the time on which my day began when the alarm went off at 6 this morning. But I digress … The boys finally worked counts tonight, which was a big reason why they were able to unload on the same Dan Haren who had dominated them just 16 days earlier. Haren had not pitched less than six innings in any of his four previous starts, nor had he thrown more than 100 pitches. Tonight, he threw 106 pitches, and he was gone after 4 2/3. The Dodgers finally seem to be getting what Torre has been preaching since Day 1 of spring training, and what worked so well for Torre’s Yankees teams for so many years. Ironically, the idea is to get the starter out early so you can face mediocre middle relief, and tonight, the Dodgers scored all six of their earned runs off Haren and would have been shut out by the bullpen if not for that two-out dropped fly ball by Justin Upton in the eighth. But whatever works, right? The boys go to 9-12 and move into a second-place tie with the Rox, six games behind the D-backs. Buenos noches. I’m going home and going to bed.

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  • DandySandyK

    The boys looked great last night! I’m concerned about Lowe’s elbow … any news yet on how it feels the next day?
    It was great to see Jones, Ethier and Kemp in the same outfield, and Hu looks like a keeper for the future.

    Question: How important is a sweep of this series, now that the first game has been won?
    I believe that it would be a catapault into the next part of the season where the team plays out of the division for a while, a loss puts them back to where they were Tuesday night. Making it just another two games gone from the 162 LONG trek!

  • A pretty good game…While lowe looked great, our bullpen was taxed and we allowed way too much action on the bases in the ending innings. Meaning, if AZ, had a few key hits at the end, the game would have been alot different. Regardless it’s a win…

    Personally, I think HU needs to spend more time in the minors and work on his swing, horrible plate discipline.