The lineup — more juggling

SS Furcal
CF Jones
LF Ethier
3B Nomar
C Martin
1B Loney
RF Kemp
2B Hu
RH Lowe

Kent gets the night off. Torre said that way back when he first started managing 30 years ago and he wanted to get a slumping hitter going, he would bat him leadoff. He then said he wasn’t willing to take Furcal OUT of the leadoff spot, so he batted Andruw second instead of first. Someone pointed out a surprising stat during Torre’s pregame session today, that Andruw is second in the league in pitches per plate appearance. Torre pointed out that in this case, that isn’t a good thing because Andruw is taking a lot of pitches that are being called strikes. … Yhency Brazoban is being promoted to Triple-A because club officials want to get a look at him there before calling him up, but Torre hinted that the club isn’t going to stick with an 11-man pitching staff for too long, so that could mean Brazo gets the call in the next few days. … Joe also said he is leaning toward moving Kuo back to the bullpen to relieve the workload on Proctor and Beimel because Kuo, unlike Park and Loaiza, can enter a game after a quick warmup in the pen.