Midnight in Miami

I just arrived here about an hour ago after a very long day of flying. Doesn’t appear to be any significant news, although I did receive word via email from Dodgers PR staffer Mark Rogoff that Yhency Brazoban was, indeed, promoted to Triple-A Las Vegas, a move we knew was coming soon. … I notice some major differences in posting on the blog since I last posted yesterday, so I’m guessing they did some work on it today. I’m not sure if that means you can post your comments now or what, but I’m crossing my fingers and holding my breath in hopes that it does mean exactly that. … Staying in Coral Gables on this trip, just for something different, and I was able to get a decent rate at the Westin down here. Was already late at night when I got in, but it looks like a really neat area. I guess this is where the University of Miami is, although I saw no evidence of its presence when I arrived. This is actually south of the Miami airport, so it was quite a haul from the Fort Lauderdale airport, where I landed, and it’s going to seem like an even longer haul when I head back for that crack-of-dawn flight out of here on Friday morning, but that’s OK. I believe this is the first time I have actually come into Miami since Super Bowl XXXIII (Jan. 1999), when I was a backup on the Broncos beat at the Rocky Mountain News. It’s way different from Lauderdale, I know that. … I’ll check in tomorrow from whatever they’re calling that stadium now. It won’t be nearly as full as it was that night, when the Broncos pounded the Falcons in what turned out to be the last game of John Elway’s career. Nighty-night.

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  • Mike

    Tony – Your blogs going into a new city are the best! I look forward to them. Keep up the bloging my friend. We love it!