Dodgers 7, Marlins 6

Jeff Kent came through with a two-out RBI single in the ninth to win it, but the story, as it has been throughout this four-game winning streak, was the bullpen. This time, it was Scott Proctor, Joe Beimel and Takashi Saito combining for four shutout innings. This after Derek Lowe, with the help of an error by James Loney that led to three unearned runs, allowed a 5-1 lead to slip away. The Dodgers’ pen has now allowed one earned run in 21 innings over the past five games. And the best part was, Saito finally looked like Saito for perhaps the first time all year, the result of a slight mechanical tweak after he blew his last save opportunity on Friday night. … Broxton says he’ll see go through some strengthening exercises tomorrow and, “If I pass all those, I’ll toss a little bit and see how I feel.” I’m guessing they’ll keep him out at least one more day just to make sure, but he won’t be out long. … Dodgers get back to .500 at 13-13. Snakes are down four runs in the fourth inning, so this could be a chance to gain a game in the standings.

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  • And the rest of the division sinks in the west.

  • Neeebs

    DeWitt continues to hit em where they aint. He was two for four, with two soft hits. I like this kid’s unflappable attitude. He also tried to barrel over the catcher on a play at the plate. Good hard, clean base running.

  • Real

    Any word on a time frame with LaRoche coming back, I see he played with Vegas tonight? He keeps moving along faster the expected.

  • Marcel

    I would guess mid-May for LaRoche. He still needs plenty of ABs to get back to speed.

  • Carlos Navarro

    Speaking of great relief pitching, I went to watch Las Vegas play here in Albuquerque, and I saw Dwayne Pollock perform impressively for the 51s. He came in relief of a shaky Justin Orenduff and pitched a scoreless five innings. In fact, he faced only 17 batters.

  • Bob Nelson

    Hey Tony,

    Just a quick thank you for this blog. I am subscribed through my Google Reader and have been reading for a few months now…I really appreciate your input and insight. I am a big time Dodger fan and consider the summer of ’88, coinciding with the death of my father and a Dodger World Series as a turning point in my life as a nine year old boy, but that story will wait for another day. Just wanted to thank you for really bringing the Dodgers to me in this format. I am sure blogging wasn’t quite covered in journalism school, but you do a great job. OK, love-fest stops now…thanks.

    Go Dodgers,
    Bob Nelson
    Santa Maria, CA

  • Brian

    I hope the Dodgers will be happy being a .500 team. So far that’s all they look to be. Not much of a team at all really. When the pitching is good the offense is asleep. When the offense is there the defense is mediocre. They’re lucky to be playing bad teams like the Rockies and Marlins lately to help them get to .500. Will they stay around .500? If they’re lucky.

    I can’t believe I’m saying the Rockies are a bad team but right now they just are. With so many good hitters none of them are doing anything when it matters. Everyone started the season talking about how the NL West is the toughest division. It doesn’t look that way so far. The Giants might not be that bad if the rest of the division plays this bad all season. And the Diamondbacks will just pull away from everyone.

  • mike

    Tony – do you have any stats comparing the Dodgers scoring a runner from 3rd with less than 2 outs vs the league average?

  • Jim


    Thanks for all the info and insight into the Dodgers.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Dodgers are a great team and just starting to show their true ability.

    We have a few things that aren’t ever ALL going right for us, but if we work as a team and get something out of the areas we’re okay.

    Starting Pitching
    Run Support

    When our starts were doing great, our offense was asleep. When our offense was on fire, our pitching feel off. When both offense and pitching seemed to be good, errors played a role. The key is for everyone to stay within their limits…not one area, one person trying to do everything. We’re starting to do just that.

    So, while you sit on the Arizona wagon, we’ll sit back and be the dark horse for a change…but don’t get it wrong for a minute, the dodgers are the talent in the NLW. Arizona is great, but your outlook on their team is premature.

  • Kevin S.


    I’m trying to post on today’s thread (4-30, 3:30 Pacific), but I’m getting a “webpage cannot be found” error message. Maybe not all of the kinks are worked out?

    Can you provide us today’s starting lineups? Thanks!!

  • Dave R.

    Not sure on that one Mike, but the Dodgers do lead the NL in AVG (.298) with RISP and 2 outs. In fact they are second overall to the Angels.

  • Little Rock

    Brian, really? Is everybody that bad? The Marlins were leading their division as of yesterday. The Rockies looked bad over the weekend because the Dodger bats seemed to have come alive all at once. They’re still going to win 85 games this year. The Dodger offense was bound to wake up eventually. Have you looked up and down the line up? The easiest out you’ll find right now is Andruw Jones!

  • El Lay Dave