Dodgers 13, Marlins 1

Rafael Furcal had his second career five-hit game, his first for the Dodgers, and the boys pounded out 15 hits and scored more runs TONIGHT than they did on their previous five-game road trip. Blake DeWitt had four RBI for the Dodgers, including a three-run triple to cap a five-run eighth, the second consecutive inning in which the Dodgers batted around. Chad Billingsley had a breakout game. He ran into his usual fifth-inning trouble, but this time, he hung tough and got out of it and wound up giving the Dodgers seven strong innings in which he held the Fish to three hits and saved the bullpen from another long night of work. Hong-Chih Kuo finished up with two shaky but scoreless innings, and the Dodgers moved above .500 (14-13) for the first time since April 7, when they were 4-3. Snakes came back to beat the Astros, so the boys stay 5 1/2 back in second.

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  • Ryan

    Hey Tony, couple things I was hoping you might be able to dig up for us–

    What is the plan with Meloan now that he is starting. Does he move ahead of Kershaw on the call-up in case of an injury list? He’s been brilliant and seems to have the stamina nobody thought he had.

    What is up with Terry Tiffee? He is RAKING! Batting almost .500 still, playing a few positions, driving guys in. He’s an almost 30 year old career minor leaguer but I’m sure the brass can’t be ignoring a performance like this that has lasted so long.

  • Anonymous

    Very nice outing but Billingsley’s still walking too many guys. In a game where he never trailed and had a huge lead most of the night, he shouldn’t be walking ANYONE. Pitch to contact!! Trust your amazing stuff!! Let your above average defense help you!! (i.e. – Watch Brad Penny pitch and take notes)

  • michael tinkler

    What move would the Dodgers make to free up a spot on their 40-man roster for Castro?

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Posting in this thread because attempting to do so in the two above it generates the message “The webpage cannot be found”. Since zero comments are posted in those threads, I assume this is a common problem. Guess the tech guys have some more work to do.

    Regarding Castro, I am of the opinion that acquiring him is a bad idea. To do so would require that someone would have to be sent down. Since the Dodgers really do need to have 12 pitchers around, the someone would likely be Hu. Perhaps you’re right that Castro is a good clubhouse presence, but what else does he have to offer that Hu doesn’t? Castro is a weak hitter, whereas Hu clearly has a promising upside. Aside from his upside, Hu has more power (63 extra base hits between Jacksonville/LV/LA last year), more speed and greater range in the field. As good as Castro is (or was) defensively, I doubt if he’s much better (if at all) than Hu. It appears to me that Hu is ready for prime time, and certainly the better choice to give Jeff Kent a breather once a week.

    As for Hu gaining any benefit from playing everyday at LV, I doubt it. Part-time duty with the Dodgers is allowing him to get accustomed to MLB. If anything, spending this year with the Dodgers will lead to his becoming more comfortable at the big league level, and result in his being better prepared at that level next year. If after the season is over the Dodgers feel he could use some more playing time, he can always play winter ball.

    In sum, I believe that Hu brings more to the Dodgers now than Castro ever could. He’s stronger than Castro offensively, and at the very least, his equal defensively (with greater range). Hu can also be used productively as a pinch runner late in games, not so in Castro’s case.