Dodgers sign Mark Bellhorn to minor-league deal

Happened about 2 1/2 weeks ago, very much under the radar. He went to extended spring because he hadn’t been signed before spring training and hadn’t been to spring training with anyone, then reported to Double-A Jacksonville yesterday and made his debut last night, going 2 for 2 with a double and a walk in a 6-2 win over Birmingham. He was signed by assistant GM DeJon Watson for the purpose of filling a roster spot in J-ville, NOT for the purpose of helping out at the big-league level, and no promises were made. That doesn’t mean he WON’T be coming to the big leagues, but that isn’t the reason he was signed, and he isn’t going to Triple-A anytime soon, either. This is strictly a minor-league signing.

  • Marcel

    Tony, please ask Joe about Andy LaRoche possibly coming up. He is DOMINATING AAA pitching and deserves to play in the big leagues.

  • TeamHasHoles

    And where would you put DeWitt (assuming he’s not injured long term with his back)? Hasn’t exactly earned a demotion and still needs to play everyday. I wonder if DeWitt winds up at 2nd base next year… Like Iwamura in TB moved to 2B for Longoria and that’s been fairly successful.

  • Craig Phillips

    There’s no reason not to try LaRoche at 2nd base a few times while he is still in Vegas. I think he could handle 2nd better than DeWitt (DeWitt was supposedly pretty bad there in the minors). And would either of them play it worse than Jeff Kent right now? So there’s room for both of them to play, frankly, rather than the Mazas of the world. A DeWitt, Furcal (when he’s back), LaRoche and Loney infield doesn’t sound too shabby to me.