The joys of cortisone

Three days after receiving his injection, Rafael Furcal said his back feels much better, and both he and club officials remain hopeful he will be able to come off the DL as soon as he becomes eligible on Wednesday. He hasn’t started baseball activity yet, but he hopes to do so either Sunday or Monday at the latest. Probably won’t need a rehab because he hasn’t missed enough time to warrant one.

Here’s the lineup. DeWitt feels better, but Joe sat him for one more game against the lefty Joe Saunders.

DH Pierre
CF Jones
RF Kemp
2B Kent
3B Martin
1B Loney
LF Ethier
SS Maza
C Bennett

RH Kuroda

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  • dumkopf

    Why didn’t they call up La Roche? Is he an official ‘nonperson’ to the stupidest GM in baseball? Come to think of it, our manager is low wattage too. Why do they only hire old men for that job?