Dodgers 6, Reds 5

We learned after the game that Andruw Jones had an MRI today, that the MRI showed fluid and torn cartilage in his right knee and that if it isn’t better by Thursday or Friday, he’ll have arthroscopic surgery that will sideline him, according to what Jones says the doctors told him, for four to five weeks. My experience has been that they usually don’t even TALK about surgery unless they’re fairly sure it’s going to happen. But he is going to get treatment and try to make it work. … By the way, if you get an early edition of tomorrow’s paper, you won’t read about Jones, because we didn’t know until after the game. But what you will read is a brief synopsis of a rather bizarre situation that took place at Dodger Stadium last week, a story that has been tossed around the rumor mill for several days and was finally confirmed to me tonight by Lon Rosenberg, the Dodgers’ VP of stadium operations. Anyway, here’s what happened:

Some guy wandered in off the street and somehow found a way to sneak into Dodger Stadium. This was one day last week while the team was on the road. So he gets in and goes unnoticed long enough to sneak down to the clubhouse area, and he finds a full bat boy’s uniform, jersey, pants, socks, the whole deal, and actually PUTS IT ON. Then he goes out onto the field and starts running sprints. Well, security finally sees him and approches him and he tells them — this is the funniest part of all — that he is a player the Dodgers have just called up from the minors (guess he didn’t realize the team was in Milwaukee). So while security officers are trying to confirm a story they’re pretty sure isn’t true to begin with, the guy tries to make his escape. He takes off running, right out the centerfield gate. Lon said he was quickly caught and arrested.

Dodgers go to 23-21 and pull within five games of the idle Snakes. They win this one on a walkoff, bases-loaded single by Blake DeWitt in the ninth, and have now beaten the team I used to cover seven consecutive times here at Dodger Stadium dating back to 2005, when they split a four-game series.