Furcal has a setback

Both Joe Torre and Stan Conte used the term “square one,” but they used it in a positive sense — as in, Rafael Furcal ISN’T back to square one. But he also isn’t close to where he was just 48 hours ago. He woke up yesterday morning with stiffness in his back, so he won’t be back tonight and he probably won’t be back for at least a few days. Good thing Chin-lung Hu has, in the words of Torre, “been a lot more comfortable to watch” these past few games. … As for Andruw Jones, he feels good and is going to give it a go. He’ll come off the bench this weekend, then probably return to the lineup on Monday at Chicago. However, he acknowledged there is a chance his knee problem will return, and he said that if it does, there is “no doubt” he will go ahead with the surgery. Conte said there is precedent for a player with this injury making it all the way through the season before getting the surgery. Happened with Doug Mirabelli, who was the Giants’ backup catcher one year while Stan was the trainer there.