Cardinals 4, Dodgers 0

The most interesting thing that happened when the Dodgers were batting tonight was that Cardinals manager Tony La Russa made a dizzying array of double switches, leading one to wonder whether he is even capable of making a straight-up, pitcher-for-pitcher pitching change. The other thing you have to wonder is where the Dodgers’ offense has gone. The boys are now hitless in their past 21 at-bats w/RISP, and they were never really in this one at any point. Not to put too much pressure on Clayton Kershaw in his big-league debut tomorrow, but it is on his shoulders to prevent the Dodgers from being swept by the Cardinals, a team that has pretty much owned them for at least the five years that I have been on the beat. Beginning with my first year, 2004, the Dodgers are 8-24 against the Redbirds. … Dodgers fall to 25-23 and remain 3 1/2 behind the Snakes.

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  • TeamHasHoles

    Kudos to Colletti for being willing to cut bait on one of his giants wastes of money. The Dodgers now only have $40 million worth of overpaid players on the DL (I don’t count Furcal on that list).

    Last year he cut Tomko’s $6 million, then this year he cut Loaiza’s $8 million… Maybe next year he’ll cut Schmidt’s $19.5 million. I wonder if McCourt can see a pattern developing with his GM?