Kent back in the lineup now

Because there was a misunderstanding between Jeff Kent and Joe Torre that resulted in Kent coming to the park today expecting to play, he has been added back into the lineup. He’ll take tomorrow off, then return on Monday at Chicago. … Rafael Furcal isn’t going to Chicago and probably isn’t going to New York, either. The main reason is that the flights out and back are long, and they are worried that his back will tighten up. “I would think he would have to be really, really good and really, really certain before we would put him on a plane (for New York later in the week),” Dodgers trainer Stan Conte said. … In an attempt to maximize their viewing audience by having the two largest media markets in the country — and an obvious attempt to stick it to travel-weary beat writers who have early flights home on Monday morning — ESPN has picked up next Sunday’s game in New York, which means it is now a night game that begins at 8:05 p.m. New York time. Good thing I wasn’t planning on flying home that evening.

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  • Andrea

    It’s time for Joe to be the manager and tell Jeff when he’s playing, false expectations or no. He’s killing us tonight. And it’s also time for Jeff to be the pro he claims he is and volunteer to be moved down in the lineup.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    If Kent wants to volunteer to be moved down in the lineup, that’s fine. But barring that, Torre has to bite the bullet and make the decision himself. Kent either accepts it or not.

    Maybe Kent is just in a slump, or maybe his 40 years are beginning to show. If so, it might at some point be necessary to remove him from the lineup regularly, if not entirely.