Cubs 3, Dodgers 1

The Dodgers went 2 for 17 w/RISP. They are now 5 for 46 in their past five games, three of which were losses, two of which were losses by margins of one and two runs. Today, they loaded the bases with one out in both the sixth and eighth innings and didn’t score either time. Each time, it was strikeout, flyout, end of inning. Chad Billingsley continued his recent surge and pitched well enough to win, but didn’t. … Unless Russell Martin talks his way into the starting lineup, something he has been known to try to do on occasion — or unless Martin plays 3B, which is certainly possible — Danny Ardoin will make his major-league debut behind the plate tomorrow night. … BTW, one of my favorite things about Wrigley Field is this hole-in-the-wall burrito joint just up the street. It’s close enough that you can walk there an hour before the game, grab a burrito to go and be back in the press box, all in about 15 minutes. These things are HUMONGOUS, and they only cost about $5.40. As we used to say back home in Arkansas, they are some mighty good eatin’. Anyway, if you’re ever here, it’s called La Burrito Mexicana, and it’s a block east of Wrigley on Addison, just past the El tracks. And really, who when they think of Wrigley Field doesn;t instantly think of burritos? … Boys fall to 26-24 and miss another chance to gain ground on the Snakes, who also lost. The margin remains 3 1/2.

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  • Marcel

    Ardoin has played in the big leagues before (MIN, TEX, COL & BAL).

  • Tony Jackson

    I meant his DODGERS debut, not his big-league debut. I’m operating on very little sleep