• TeamHasHoles

    Must suck to be a pro athlete at age 40. Does this mean they won’t allow him to get on the plane to fly to NY tomorrow night too? 🙂

    Tell me Tony… I know we’re in the middle of this season but… who plays 2nd base for the Dodgers next season cuz I ain’t got no idea.

    Kent I think isn’t worth the $$$ anymore, Abreu is a mess physically, Young can’t field, Hu isn’t a big league hitter yet, meanwhile LaRoche wastes away needlessly in the minors where he has nothing to prove anymore. To me, DeWitt lacks the power to play 3B everyday. I like him a lot, but wouldn’t it make sense to give DeWitt a look at 2nd base so LaRoche can finally get a legitmate shot at this level?

    I think the Dodgers should give LaRoche at least as many ABs as they had given Loney and Kemo prior to this season before they give up on him or move him to first so he can be more “versatile.” Isn’t it fair to say that if LaRoche should be more versatile, shouldn’t DeWitt too?