And speaking of sewer systems …

That allows me to segue seamlessly from my last blog post of yesterday into my first blog post of today, because I am now ACTUALLY IN A TOILET. Or at least I’m in a big bowl that smells like somebody puked in it, a place the locals fondly refer to as Shea Stadium. The sad part is, you can see this soaring edifice going up beyond the outfield where the Mets are going to move next year, after they finally take a wrecking ball to this place, and it’s just tantalizing, so close you can almost reach out and touch it, but so far away in terms of time. I’ll try to post a photo of it sometime during this four-game series. My boss has suggested, after I posted that shot of downtown Chicago yesterday, that you, the readers, might be interested in a series of photos showing my vantage point from the press box in every major-league park I visit. I actually think that’s a great idea — and no, I’m not just being a corporate brown noser, I ACTUALLY DO think that’s great idea. Here’s the problem: I’m not the most technically advanced person in the world, and even posting that Chicago photo required a couple of phone conversations with the head techster back at the office, a super cool dude named Ryan Garfat, who had to go in and size and fix the photo the way I wanted it. So I’m going to have to figure this out before I start posting photos on a regular basis, so bear with me.

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  • TeamHasHoles

    Hey! There’s a lot of history in that toilet, don’t mock the toilet… just remember to flush when you’re done. (Not a coincidence that they call it FLUSHING, NY, ya know.) 🙂

  • Tony Jackson

    Yeah, as I recall, Bill Buckner’s career once circled the drain here