Furcal update, and Kent still out

Rafael Furcal will see Dr. Watkins tomorrow, after which we should have a much better idea of whether he is likely to return by the start of the homestand on Monday. For now, he is said to be improving. … Joe Torre said he hopes Jeff Kent will be available to pinch hit tonight. Said he probably could have gotten himself ready to start, but there was a question as to whether he could have stuck around for nine innings. My guess — and I’m no medical expert, believe me — is that getting out of this chilly weather will do wonders for him. … Tony Abreu had season-ending surgery today, and the fact that ISN’T the lead item to this blog post should tell you where he stands in this organization. Anyway, they hope he can be back in time for winter ball back in the Dominican. … By the way, earlier this week I posted a glowing recommendation for a burrito joint just down the street from Wrigley Field. Well, I got the name wrong. It’s El Burrito Mexicano. It is NOT La Burrito Mexicana, as I originally posted. But my recommendation still stands.

A room with a view (finally)


In all my travels, rarely do I get a room with a great view, and that’s with platinum status. This trip to Chicago was one of the few exceptions, and at the risk of sounding like one of those annoying people who want you to look at their boring vacation photos, I thought I would share this shot I took from my room earlier this afternoon. It’s a spectacular day here, a little chilly still, but much nicer than yesterday, without a cloud in the sky.

Cubs 3, Dodgers 1

They play a song here after every Cubs victory that, if you can believe this, is EVEN WORSE than Go Dodgers Go. And the worst part of all is, people here ACTUALLY SING ALONG TO IT. Dodgers went 1 for 5 w/RISP and, for the fourth time in their past five games, scored either one run or zero runs. This time, it wasn’t the surging Ryan Dempster who shut them down. This time, it was Sean Gallagher, who started the season in the bullpen and came into this one with a 5.68 ERA. Tough to win that way. … Jeff Kent woke up with a stiff back. Maybe it was the Westin Heavenly Bed. Guess it’s a good thing I’m at the Sheraton this time. Anyway, he thought he could play, but it tightened up on him again during BP. He’s day to day — but then, you may recall, so was Furcal. … Fukudome went 1 for 2 with a walk against Kuroda, then hit a backbreaking, RBI double off Broxton in the seventh, all of which will be duly noted by just about every Japanese media outlet you can possibly think of, and even by several that you can’t. … Can’t believe every paper in Louisiana didn’t send a reporter here to cover this historic game, what with Danny Ardoin, Juan Pierre, Ryan Theriot and Mike Fontenot all in the starting lineup of one team or the other. … Boys fall to 26-25. Snakes play later.