And then there were six

The Dodgers’ last pick of the day was infielder Anthony Delmonico of Florida State, son of former University of Tennessee head coach Rod Delmonico. In a several-degrees-of-separation twist, Rod Delmonico was Luke Hochevar’s college coach. Hochevar was the guy the Dodgers drafted in the first round in 2005, who agreed verbally to a $2.98 million signing bonus, then abruptly changed his mind and never did sign. He re-entered the draft the following summer and went to Kansas City. … It doesn’t look like the Dodgers run much risk of repeating that scenario. All indications are Ethan Martin wants to sign quickly and get his pro career started. Slot money for the 15th pick is $1.73 million, and the Dodgers have a history of staying pretty close to slot, without much wiggle room.

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