Beware of batted balls and random neuroses

Saw Richard Lewis getting out of a limo as I was walking into the park this morning. He was greeted by “the paparazzi,” which from my awkward vantage point appeared in this case to consist of one guy with a digital camera and another guy with a microphone. Not sure what he’s doing here, but it didn’t appear that he was simply here to take in a ballgame, especially given that he arrived three hours before first pitch in a limo and seemed to be wearing (again from my awkward vantage point) a suit — black, of course. Might have something to do with the Fox broadcast.Maybe he’s doing the lineups. … Still haven’t heard of a corresponding roster move for Berroa. Still haven’t even heard whether Berroa made it in, for that matter. … I did learn this morning, thanks to one of you posting it here, that Jeff Weaver threw the most recent complete-game shutout by a Dodgers pitcher on Sept. 12, 2005, not D-Lowe, who pitched one on Aug. 12 of that year. Sorry for the mix-up

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