Kemp’s suspension reduced, he’ll start serving today

It’s two games. How it works, from what I’m told, is that simply by appealing, the situation is reviewed by an independent party (NOT Bob Watson). That person then can arbitrarily reduce the suspension. Had that person NOT reduced the suspension from its original four games, Matt Kemp THEN could have requested an appeal hearing and gotten one. He chose to simply get it out of the way now, which is probably wise on his part — especially since he is 1 for 13 with six Ks, so a couple of days away from it can’t hurt him. … Terry Tiffee cleared waivers and accepted an assignment to Triple-A Las Vegas, where he is expected to play tonight.

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  • El Lay Dave

    Stunningly reasonable response from the MLB offices. And you are right that it’s not a bad time for Kemp to get a couple days off. So with Kemp out and Kent resting, LaRoche’s bat just HAS to be at 2B today right, and not Maza’s or Berroa’s popsicle stick.

  • Tony Jackson

    Nope. It’s Maza. Berroa can’t play there because … he is starting at SS