Off-day in Cincinnati

If I lost you at the headline, don’t worry, I understand. This place is the exact opposite of that old saying, “It’s a great place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.” I lived here for four years, and it was GREAT. Made a lot of great friends, had a great time, all that. But to come here for four days and stay in a hotel downtown, well, that isn’t so great. As for the Dodgers, they really need to win this series, because they haven’t won one since sweeping the Reds at Dodger Stadium May 19-21. Wow, that was almost a month ago. They do have one split since then, at home against the Cubs last weekend. But the Dodgers need momentum to take into that all American League homestand they have coming up. … I’m not expecting any update on Brad Penny until tomorrow. The MRI results probably won’t come until this evening, by which time it will be really late out here.

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  • rafael

    tony, i am here for my daily furcal update and news on his back. of course, i am sure they will push his return date back again after getting everyone’s hopes up. you told me to get a hobby in your last post. i just got fired from my job because of your false reprtings (or joe torre’s lies) buddy! i haven othing to do except booze until friday and pray to the big man that raffy is okay!

    my summer is now ruined, i have no job, i haven’t gone outside in days! what is stopping me from going into depression?! i am sick and tired of all these bullshit reportings about how furcal is ‘making great progress’ when in reality he is getting worse! do not get our hopes and then swiftly strike them down when we find out that raffy is out for 2 more weeks! its just bush league tony!

  • rafael

    tony, any update on furcal? is he still on track?

  • snuffy02

    Rafael, you have the first signs of the Vero Beach Curse. Your depression about Furcal is right on track. The VB Curse hits hard & when you get the news that Furcal will need back surgery & be out the rest of the season & never wear the cursed Dodger uniform again, please do not have any sharp objects nearby.

  • rafael

    snuffy, i just got fired from my job! there is no hope for me! furcal is injured, what is the point of living? i have scissors nearby and it is really tempting.

  • KevinS

    Tony… ask your tech guy about bannishment privileges using something called “IP Addresses”. He’ll know what I’m talking about and it’s really easy to do. You or he can then track down these “losers”, ban them for life and then report these “losers” to certain agencies who’d love to know that these “losers” were harrassing a news reporting website like yours… all from obtaining said “losers” IP Address from the ARIN WHOIS database… it’s basically the “losers” web fingerprint they leave each and everytime they log in and post to any website they visit. It gives their home address, phone numbers… basically all of thier contact information… perfect stuff to give to police agencies. Pretty cool huh?