Great American Ball Park

They ruined this place a few years ago when they built that monstrosity in center field — it’s a party deck. It obscures the view of a beautiful old courthouse across the river in Newport, Ky. All the scenery you see in the background, beyond the Ohio River, is Kentucky. At the bottom of the screen, you can see the very top of a TV monitor in the front row. Every seat in the front row of this press box has an individual TV monitor for replays. My last year covering the Reds, which was the first year they moved into this park, they were so bad (69-93 if I remember correctly) and their games were often so boring that I would frequently switch my monitor over to TNT and watch Law & Order reruns. … By the way, the Dodgers have agreed to terms with their fifth-round draft pick, right-hander JonMichael Redding out of something called Florida Community College. They have now signed three of their top five picks, with first-rounder Ethan Martin and second-round Josh Lindblom still to go. Florida State and Rice have been eliminated from the College World Series, so negotiations will begin soon with sixth-rounder Anthony Delmonico (FSU SS) and seventh-rounder Allen St. Clair (Rice LHP) should get under way soon.

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  • FireColletti

    Tony, what are your top 5 NL ballparks?

  • Tony Jackson

    I actually can find something to like about almost all of them — especially now that RFK is no longer in the loop. But believe it or not, Dodger Stadium has always been my favorite, even when I used to come in as a visiting writer. There is nothing like that backdrop anywhere else in the league. And if you have ever seen one of those 5:10 games on a sunny day, there is nothing more beautiful anywhere in baseball.