Nomar scratched

When he woke up this morning, something “didn’t feel right,” according to Joe Torre. Well, of course it didn’t. Nomar went 1 for 2 with a home run in his debut for Triple-A Las Vegas last night against Tacoma. Stan Conte talked to him today and said Nomar felt confident he would be ready to play by Friday, which I guess means he’s out for tomorrow, too.

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  • TeamHasHoles

    This guy would pull his ribcage muscles BREATHING.

  • It’s bordering on pathetic, really.

    He needs to drink more G2.

  • rafael

    tony, you said furcal will beo ut until after the all star break. does that mean he won’t go on a rehab assignment before the all star break? what time after the all star break will he come back?

  • Buddy

    1) Rafael and his Furcal questions should be banned from this message board.

    2) It’s time to release Nomar.

  • Tony Jackson

    Rafael, he could conceivably go on a rehab the week before the break and come back when the second half starts. But I wouldn’t count on it. And if I were you, I also wouldn’t worry about it.

  • rafael

    tony, i really wish that i couldn’t worry about it. but i do worry about it, ALL THE TIME. Its all i think about currently. raffy was having an all star year bro. please tell me he doesn’t need surgery.

  • D’Accardo42

    Nomore is no more. The guys is as fragile as an old persons hip.

    And for the life of me I hope Conte doesn’t come anywhere near Penny, or Kuroda. Conte and the medical staff have been awful whether it be Schidt and his never ending saga, not being able to find out what was wrong with Abreu finally resulting in season ending surgery, and Raffy being on the verge of coming back twice only to have setbacks. I wont be surprised when we hear that Raffy needs surgery and will miss the rest of the season.

    It’s time for the McCourts to clean up the Gnat trash and get rid of Coletti, his bad toupe, and stupid porn stache, along with Stan “The Snitch” Conte.