This is not a drill

It isn’t that often on Dodgers road trips that I stay at the team hotel, but I usually do here because there aren’t that many choices, and the Westin Cincinnati is probably the best hotel in town. Well, this morning at about 11:15, I was lacing up my shoes in ancticipation of heading out when the fire alarm went off. Like I usually do with fire alarms, I ignored it, although I realized it meant I was probably going to have to walk down 13 flights of stairs to get out. Well, then they came onto the intercom and said, “Please evacuate the building, this is NOT a drill.” So I entered the stairwell, immediately ran into Mike Noto, the radio engineer for the Dodgers’ Spanish-language radio broadcasts who was coming down from the 14th floor, and we proceeded to walk all the way down to the street, where there already were about five fire trucks blocking the street, with hose lines laid. Immediately ran into several Dodgers personnel, some of whom (I won’t name names) admitted that they had still been sleeping when the alarm went off. After about 20 minutes, we were allowed back in. We never really did find out where the fire was. Not sure exactly what the point of this story is, except that I don’t have any news on anything yet, and I figured I should post something before heading to the clubhouse.

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  • TNDodger

    Hey Tony, maybe this will heat the bats up???

  • TeamHasHoles

    Tony, no truth to the rumor Ken Griffey Jr. was seen running from the Westin laughing about 2 minutes after the alarm went off. 🙂

    (just one last practical joke on the opposing team before he gets trade.)