Indians 7, Dodgers 2

I was all set to write about the Dodgers’ bullpen coming through yet again. And then, in the 11th inning, a couple of guys got on against Cory Wade. And then, for some reason, Joe Torre lifted Wade for Scott Proctor, and that’s when it all broke loose. Five batters later, it was Proctor whom Torre was coming to get. Proctor didn’t record an out, gave up three singles and walked two (one intentional), although it was Wade who got tagged with the loss. Proctor had a good inning last night, but something clearly isn’t right with him, whether it’s something physical or something mental. Could it be that he is just worn down from all the innings he has pitched the past couple of years? The Dodgers, meanwhile, appear to be going nowhere. They still can’t beat American League teams — 1-7 this year and 16-40 since the start of 2005. They fall to 34-40 for the season. Snakes are scoreless in the second at Minnesota, but does it really matter?

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  • Buddy

    It might be time to let Colletti go and make Logan White the GM. This team needs stronger personnel to prevent this team from continuously being mediocre. Scott Procter, Juan Pierre, Jeff Kent are examples of mediocrity.

  • bob_85364

    Any team under 500 should not be concerned about the standings, the fact they are close as they are is just a reflection on the D-Backs’s ineptitude.

  • KevinS

    Buddy… you forgot to mention Mark Sweeney.

    Have I managed to voice my disdain for Scott Proctor lately??? If not, please allow me the following:

    Scott Proctor I’m sure is a great human being. He absolutely doesn’t belong anywhere near a pitchers mound or should ever wear the Dodger uniform again in his career. What a waste of two opportunities on back-to-back days and they both can be attributed directly to that waste of no-talent individual. Why he continues to take up space on the Dodger roster is beyond me.

  • Buddy

    Bob, Kevin,
    I actually agree with both of your points. The entire NL west in mediocre right now but when it comes to facing stronger, more balanced teams, such as the Cleveland Indians, the Dodgers don’t look like they can ever compete offensively. As they’re record suggests, they’ve performed poorly against American League teams almost since the inception of interleague play.

    Compare the acquisitions Logan and Colletti have made. Logan has brought on promising players like Kemp, Kershaw, Loney, and Martin, all of which have yet reached their peak. Colletti signed Pierre for that awful 5 year deal, Sweeney, Andrew Jones to name a few, all of which have actually compromised the development of the team. It’s time for change now, especially because other teams have already started to covet Logan. Don’t be surprised if other teams (i.e. Blue Jays, Mets) start asking McCourt permission to talk to him.

  • dumkopf

    Yes, Colletti should be history but he should take the incredibly stupid Torre with him. And we know that isn’t going to happen, Frank hired him for the publicity and he will remain. Logan White or any other competent GM wouldn’t take the job as long as Torre is here.

  • If he were a horse, he would be put down.