Dodgers 4, Indians 3

The boys hung four on Paul Byrd before he even recorded an out, but they would get no more. Thanks to the bullpen, it stood up. Dodgers improve to 2-7 in interleague games this season with six more to go. They’re 35-40 overall, and they actually gained a game in the standings today, moving within 3 1/2 of the Snakes, who lost at Minny. … By the way, I’m interested in hearing whether anyone agrees with me on this, but IMHO, there is simply too much artificial noise at Dodger Stadium. Everything that happens on the field, whether it’s a strikeout by the opposing team, a walk by a Dodgers batter, a stolen base by Juan Pierre, Matt Kemp NOT striking out, there has to be some sort of loud sound effect played over the PA. And if nothing happens for a while, they have to play some sound effect anyway, like that super-annoying EV-RY-BOD-Y-CLAP-YOUR-HANDS chant. This is a knowledgeable fan base in Los Angeles, They know when to cheer, they know when to clap their hands, and they know when the Dodgers do something good.

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  • KevinS

    Having attended only a handful of games since moving out of state, the few I’ve attended the last couple of years, the PA system is almost deafening. Also, because I live in Idaho, I get my games through DirecTV’s MLB Extra Innings package… and not every game is available with the LA broadcasting team, which means I hear several broadcasts from many away market teams when they play at Dodger Stadium, and even THEY complain that the PA system is way too loud.

    But to your point, yes, I hear all the silly “pac man” sound effects when an opposing hitter strikes out, or the many “walk” tunes they have in store if an opposing pitcher walks a Dodger batter. Does Nancy Bea even have a job any more? I don’t even hear the stadium organ any more.

    There has to be a happy compromise of both new and old school.

  • Tony Jackson

    Yes, Nancy Bea is still here playing the organ, but they have cut her playing time way back. She actually leaves before the end of games a lot because there is no reason for her to stay because all the organ music seems to happen in the early innings. Any organ music after the seventh-inning stretch — such as that Tomorrow song from Annie that they play after every loss — is canned, recorded music.

  • leekfink

    Absolutely correct!! There is no need for all this artificial noise. The irony is that sometimes that artificial noise cuts off the fan created cheers. That makes zero sense.
    I suggest that fans take to making more of their own noise, starting with the James Loney Song:
    My Loney has a first name,
    It’s J-A-M-E-S
    My Loney has a second name,
    It’s L-O-N-E-Y
    I love to watch him every day
    And if you ask me why I’ll say
    ‘Cause James Loney has a way
    With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!

  • Craig Phillips

    I totally agree with you Tony. Unfortunately, this trend is spreading like a virus through many modern sports venues. NBA games are even worse, with music sometimes played while the game is going on, and other obnoxious FX. Fans can appreciate the game on their own and come up with their own chants and noise, they don’t need the deafening noise which poisons everything. It’s a bad trend. Maybe if enough people complain, they’ll start to listen. I’d start with their PR department.

    (I do confess I kind of find the Pac Man FX amusing, but maybe that’s just me.)

  • Silvia

    Some of the things that they play always make me laugh but I could do without them! I am convinced they play all that to keep the often rowdy crowd in line. However, I recently sat in the left field pavilion and let me say that no amount of noise stopped those fools. Sometimes I wish they would require an IQ test rather than a bag check! I’m just sayin’!

  • Denton True

    Yes, WAY too much recorded music and sound effects.

    I hate, HATE the clip they play when a Dodger takes a walk: “I’m Walking” and the video clip on the scoreboard of the cartoon baserunner walking to first base. It’s SO SO SO irritating!

    Nancy Bea is underused and I did not even realize she left the stadium after the 7th inning stretch!

    It is rather insulting to be told to “MAKE SOME NOISE!” but I guess the Dodgers have done some polling and there must be a lot of Dodgers fans who like this sort of thing.

  • Vasquez

    Tony I have a serious question for you.

    How is it that a baseball player strains his back and is out for months? Or a pitcher is pitching poorly so decides he strained a part of the body nobody has ever heard of? While hockey and football players play with broken bones and injuries all of the time. It just seems they are for lack of a better term, whiners.

  • False Hope Rally

    I blame Charles Steinberg entirely.

  • TeamHasHoles

    The Dodger Stadium experience overall has gone in the toilet. The noise you speak of, the Cost, the Team, My wife’s a vegetarian and can rarely find anything to eat at the stadium, The new parking situation is not advantageous in my opinion (the price of parking is a joke), The abusive Raider fans posing as Dodger fans there make me sick. The lack of security (They could use a few red coats from Staples that’s for sure) is embarrassing.

    I could get tickets for free almost all the time and I still won’t go to the park anymore. It’s not at all worth it and it’s a shame because when we start a family, it’ll still be a rare occasion unless Frank stops worrying about what the stadium looks like, and starts taking a hard look at his product overall.

    It’s more than shabby, it’s embarrassing.

  • KevinS

    Hey Tony…

    Any truth to the rumor that Boras is pimping the Dodgers for a multi-year deal for Lowe or demanding a trade to a contender? If so, I say cut the umbilical cord and be done with him!

  • Tony Jackson

    False, actually, just FYI, this was all going on BEFORE Charles came on board, and while I don’t want to disclose any details of any private conversations I might have had with him, I can tell you that this isn’t his doing. Remember, he came from Boston. My understanding is that at Fenway (I haven’t been there in about four years), there isn’t nearly this much noise.

  • ontape

    What a gratuitous swipe at Matt Kemp, one of our best hitters and ten times the player your boy Juan Pierre is. For every Matt Kemp strikeout, there’s probably two crappy Pierre at bats.

  • Tony Jackson

    He might be one of the Dodgers’ best hitters. In fact, he might be their BEST hitter. But right now, he is their runaway leader in strikeouts, 75 of them (no one else has more than 45) in 262 ABs coming into tonight, and he already got No. 76 in the first inning. He is averaging one K every 3.8 plate appearances and one K every 3.5 at-bats.