Furcal update

Apparently, the fact he took ground balls means nothing more than the fact he took ground balls. He still hasn’t run, and that will be the big test he has to be pass before he is allowed to go out on a minor-league rehab assignment. If I had to guess, it still looks like he won’t be back before the All-Star break.

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  • rafael

    furcal says he has been running at 65% tony. didn’t raffy say he was positive that he would be back before the all star game?

  • TeamHasHoles

    why oh why did Arizona have to come back to the pack and give Colletti a false sense of security.

  • Marcel

    Tony, how about an update on first rounder Ethan Martin? I know there was a delay because of his senior trip, but it’s taking a while for him to get signed.