Kudos to tonight’s plate umpire

His name is Doug Eddings, and he has been around for a while. Anyway, he just did something that I thought was great in this era of confrontational umpires. He rang up Nick Swisher to end the third inning, and Swisher responded by dropping his bat in an exaggerated show of disbelief that a lot of umpires would have interpreted as an attempt to show them up. Eddings did it the old fashioned way. He immediately turned his back and walked about 15 feet away from home plate, toward the Dodgers dugout, as the Dodgers jogged off the field. At this point, if Swisher wants to continue the argument, he has to FOLLOW Eddings onto the grass in foul territory. Wisely, he chose not to do so.

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  • TeamHasHoles

    You mean he didn’t bump into the player and then throw him out 2 seconds later like other umpires?

  • Hey Tony,

    What do you think the chances are of Ned re-signing Derek Lowe? He’s been solid.

    Love your stuff. I’ve got you featured at dodgerdugout.com. Any chance we could get a link back?

    Much appreciated,

  • dodgersjmedina

    I thought the Dodgers bad, but you would think they would give 100 percent every chance they got. Seeing Juan Pierre not running a grounder to first is making me lose faith in this club. How he didn’t make it to first base before swisher got the ball the Burlhe is a joke. I can stand if the Dodgers lose when they are playing hard, but when Pierre, the fastest, and one of the hardest working guys on this team is giving up. Then I don’t need to spend my money going to watch them just show up. If I was Torre or Bowa, I would have been in his face and sat him down. Don’t you agree?

  • snuffy02

    This is sure getting ugly. The Vero Beach Curse is riding them hard. Look at their DL:

    Furcal $15 mil
    Jones $18 mil
    Nomar $9 mil
    Penny $10 mil
    Kuroda $9 mil
    Schmidt $12 mil
    Bennett $1 mil

    Total: $74 mil; that’s more salary on the DL than on the field. That’s 3 times more salary than the entire payroll of the contending Marlins & Rays. That’s the VB Curse!